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Editorial: Democracy in action in Eagle Co.

Alex Miller
Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

It’s been a good year for democracy. Colorado saw its highest turnouts ever at the presidential caucuses earlier this week, and across the county, state and country, more people are invested in the political process than any time in recent memory.

The reasons are many, ranging from a wildly unpopular president and Congress to a host of pressing topics – the wars, the economy, health care, immigration ” and a presidential race tighter than most of us can ever recall. Even kids and teens are getting involved, showing almost unprecedented interest in who will be the next president.

Locally, we had a strong turnout for the caucuses on both Democrat and Republican sides, and we anticipate that will translate into a very interesting race for two county commissioner slots later this year.

We’d also point out that a group of citizens are meeting today to discuss the reasons why local property taxes have shot up 42 percent this year. This is grassroots democracy at its best, when people take it upon themselves to assemble peacefully and address grievances against the government. The group, which calls itself “Eagle County Property Taxpayers for Common Sense,” hopes to have plenty of folks turn up and let air their views on their tax bill. They’ve also invited the county tax assessor and finance director, and we hope at least one of the county commissioners will be there as well.

The group meets at the Singletree Community Center in Edwards today at noon. We hope the discussion is fruitful … and civil.

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