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Editorial: Eagle Co. Little elections have big impacts

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail CO, Colorado

Several of the Vail Valleys special districts are holding elections today. The vote totals will be small, but the results can be significant.Much, if not most, of the election coverage on TV and in big-city newspapers focuses on state and national politics, and rightly so. Thats where the Big Issues are found, and wed never encourage anyone to skip voting for any issue or elective office.The truth of the matter, though, is that issues that affect people at the neighborhood level are often felt more keenly. Thats why its important who serves on a water, recreation or fire district board. And, when an election can have a direct effect on the ability of the town you live in to sell public property land we all own the stakes are pretty high.Throw in the recent controversy over how big a tax increase was imposed by virtually every special district in the county, and the reasons to vote become pretty compelling.The better news is that its not too late to get educated on the candidates and issues.Voters in Eagle-Vail have by far the biggest ballot, which runs seven candidates deep for seats on the board that runs the golf course, pool and tennis courts there. If you live in Eagle-Vail, at least one of those candidates is likely to be your neighbor, and finding out his or her position on things like taxes and spending should be as easy as a phone call.Avons one-question election, whether the town council should have the power to sell public land without first asking voters permission, has drawn strong feelings. And since nothing in the Mountain West is more important than water, the matter of who sits on the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District Board of Directors could be crucial to the valleys future.These arent big elections in the grand scheme of things. But your town, your neighbors land and your pocketbook will all feel the results of tomorrows little elections. If that isnt reason enough to vote, we dont know what is.

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