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Editorial: Eagle County’s loony about logo

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Critics who claim the Eagle County Commissioners are irresponsible with taxpayers’ money have been handed yet another example of questionable spending.

The commissioners have decided that Eagle County’s tried, true and trusty logo ” an eagle flying over a snow-capped peak ” just isn’t 21st century enough.

So a Texas-based public relations firm has been hired for $36,000 to poll county residents and visitors to determine just what sort of new logo the county needs to portray an image that will ” according to county communications director Justin Finestone ” attract employers that will help sustain the county’s endangered middle class.

Forget for a moment that this work had to be hired out to Texas, despite the presence in the county of some very good public relations and marketing companies.

Forget the utter silliness of believing that letterhead and a few signs can play any role at all in any sort of economic development or sustainability program.

Forget, too, that Eagle County didn’t even have a logo on any of its “welcome to the county” signs as recently as 1990.

Remember, though, that this is a group that believes it needs to jack its property tax levy up to the absolute legal maximum to keep doing its work, even while the city of Aspen has decided it will actually cut its tax rate to give homeowners there a break (which is still a tax increase because of the rise in home values). Maybe the critics would quiet down a little if the commissioners decided a few things ” like a new logo ” could wait a year or three, to spend money on truly essential services.

If they persist in the idea of a new logo, instead of hiring an out-of-state public relations company, we should have a design contest open to taxpayers.

We’d vote for the logo that has the eagle’s talons firmly grasping a taxpayer’s wallet.

” Scott N. Miller for the Editorial Board

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