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Editorial: Fawning media turns on Obama

Matt Zalaznick
Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Remember the feisty Vermont governor the media fell in love with for a few months in 2003? He was a bit of an outsider, a bit less wonky than the Kerrys, Liebermans and Gephardts in the race.

Howard Dean was fresh. He was a superstar. He was destined to upset George W. Bush in the general election and then the media, after one primary loss, turned on him. They used an over-exuberant speech at a rally to turn Dean into an unhinged maniac not suited to be commander in chief.

The media seem to be at it again. The media had beatified Barack Obama as the golden-tongued and incorruptible agent of change. The media fawned over their own caricature of the Illinois senator in whom they saw a biracial 21st Century superhero who could unify a fractured electorate, slay the Clintons and the Bushes, inspire young people to vote, end an unpopular war and restore Uncle Sam’s credibility.

But then his pastor and some angry sermons reared their “unpatriotic heads” on the all-knowing You Tube, and the media swooned, aghast that there was something about their golden boy that some Americans might consider less-than-angelic ” even traitorous.

It’s amazing that the media duped Americans into believing they could know all there is to know Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, from a batch of You Tube videos. Wright has been deeply critical of American behavior, rightly saying we’ve done some terrible things. But the media, in its attacks on Obama’s pastor, acted as if we should be held accountable for any outrageous statements our friends make.

The media pretended that the measure of any of our characters’ could be taken from some videos of our most fiery moments. Hopefully, voters will see through the media’s fickleness. Hopefully voters are smarter than news anchor who wants us to believe that all of recorded history is on You Tube, and that this Web site is all we need to make important decisions ” like voting for president.

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