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Editorial: Following the Golden Rule in Eagle Co.

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

On a recent 7 p.m. trip to the Avon City Market, the place looked like a war zone. Dozens of people filled each aisle, making them nearly impossible to navigate, while busy employees hurriedly tried to keep the shelves stocked.

One man narrowly missed nicking another shopper with his cart when he turned into the cereal aisle at breakneck speed. At the self-check out lanes, one woman snapped at a frazzled-looking cashier because she couldn’t figure out how to enter the code for the bag of pears swinging in her hands.

The weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years are some of the busiest of the year in the Vail Valley. It’s also a time when people tend to be a little more on edge.

Along with the joy that the holidays bring, there’s also some inevitable stress, too.

Time with the family is great until Uncle Joe drinks one too many beers, or your nephew throws his 20th tantrum of the day. For some people, especially here in Eagle County, the holidays don’t mean time off to spend with loved ones, but just the opposite ” overtime at work to make sure tourists are taken care of during their holiday vacations.

Whichever side of the dice you’re on, it’s a good time to remember to treat everyone as you’d like to be treated.

Although we’re an international resort destination, we’re still in many ways a small community. Our roads, our shops and grocery stores weren’t necessarily made for the sizeable crowds we see this time of year, so it takes a little patience to keep things running smoothly.

And, at the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to contribute a few deposits in the karma bank as we enter 2008.

” Caramie Schnell for the Editorial Board

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