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Editorial: Give Ginn a go

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

There’s a reason the proposed Battle Mountain development and annexation of such into the town of Minturn has taken up so much of the time of the town council and the community ” and so many stories, letters and columns in our pages. It’s a very large project with a lot of parts to it that are complex and not easily understood by those of us without advanced degrees in planning, water law, traffic engineering and the like.

The stakes are high, not just for Minturn, but for nearby Red Cliff and greater Eagle County. Plenty of questions remain as to whether the project will have enough water, if it will unduly impact traffic, strain an already thin labor pool, or be the right fit for a vast expanse of open space that’s nonetheless been compromised by bygone mining activity.

That said, we believe the Ginn project represents overall a big step forward for Minturn, and what Ginn Resorts has promised to deliver to the town is impressive. As Bobby Ginn told the Vail Daily editorial board recently, he expects Battle Mountain to be a model for how to do good development, one that will be studied and emulated for years to come. We will hold him to that word and to those many promises, as should the town and the county.

We don’t come by this decision lightly, and after exhaustively covering this development for several years now, we still have questions and concerns we hope to see addressed in the planning process as it moves forward. The community will have plenty of further opportunity to be part of that process as well ” and remember, this isn’t happening overnight: The project will be several decades in the making.

Minturn’s elected representatives have already voted unanimously to annex the Ginn property into the town.

On Tuesday, the town’s voters will have the opportunity to reaffirm that decision. We encourage them to do so.

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