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Editorial had wrong party

Don Rogers

So a point we thought we were making about Commissioner Arn Menconi benefitting from a split in the opposition party was likewise dead wrong. Warren won 11 percent of the vote in the county commissioner race that pitted her against Democrat Menconi and Republican Steve Morris. Menconi finished 39 votes ahead of Morris. Rather than the results suggesting Morris might have won without Warren in the race, it’s more likely Menconi might have avoided a recount since the race was so close, along with noise (but no action) claiming some Menconi supporters should not have been allowed to vote.

Apologies to Warren for casting her in the wrong party. Raspberries for the author missing this basic fact.

Which course?

One of our very favorite journalists and all-around curmudgeons, Jim Lehrer of the Public Broadcasting System, has this to say about the great American trend to make the news more fun:

“If you want to be entertained, go to the circus. …”

Lehrer, of course, is the remaining member of the “MacNeil/Lehrer Report.” He’s an eat-your-peas thinker about our civic responsibility to keep up with the news – blasphemy today. He doesn’t mind news presented in compelling ways, but distorting the news as a means of entertaining is anathema. The rest of his quote: “If you want to be informed, read my newspaper or magazine, watch or listen to my television or radio broadcast.”

Therein lies the real question: Do we want to be entertained or informed? If you look to dollars spent to answer this, collectively we’re far, far more interested in entertainment than knowledge and skewing ever farther along this course. Even with Sept. 11, war drums, and all that. And this is tough news for those of us in the information business. D.R.

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