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Editorial: Have it both ways

Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Call it the Vail-Eagle County Airport.

It seems too simple because it is. After spending thousands of dollars on marketing studies and dozens of hours listening to the public debate the issue, it’s clear that the new name of the Eagle County Regional Airport needs to be a compromise that will satisfy both sides of the naming debate.

Vail must be a part of the name. The ski resort at the east end of the valley simply is the reason why most people bother to fly into the airport at the west end of the valley at all. If the whole point of renaming the airport is to raise its profile, then inserting the name of the largest ski resort in the U.S. is essential. And yes, Vail deserves top billing.

And keep Eagle County in the name. Because it is Eagle County’s airport. Because the commissioners also want to market the county as a whole as a place to live and a place to visit. And because nixing the Eagle County name will be seen as an insult to the rest of the county’s residents, particularly those who live in Gypsum and Eagle who bear the brunt of the traffic and noise from the airport. It may be tempting to just say “Vail-Eagle Airport,” but with a town of that name in the county, we think that would be too confusing.

It’s not the catchiest name for an airport, to be sure. Invesco Field at Mile High isn’t the snazziest name for the place where the Broncos play, which is why most TV announcers call it “Invesco Field”, while those loyal to the old name of the Broncos home continue to just call it “Mile High”.

The airport near our rival ski resort may officially be called the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, but what do you call it?

Despite all the debate local folks and marketing consultants have over the airport’s name, we’re guessing most tourists will continue to call it the “Vail Airport” anyway.

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