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Editorial: Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me!

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

This one comes straight from the “Thank you sir, may I have another?” file:

Aside from our paychecks, another thing that hasn’t kept up with the rising, rising, rising price of gasoline is how much gas stations will let you spend at the pump.

Some stations will let customers go nuts and buy however much dino-juice they want. Others, though, stop the fuel flow at a specific dollar amount. Sometimes, that’s as low as $50. At prices pushing $4 per gallon, that kind of money will barely fill a minivan if its low-fuel warning light is on.

The biggest gas tank in the newsroom is the 30-gallon bucket in an old Chevy Tahoe. A $50 hit to the debit card won’t get that beast half-full these days.

It would be nice ” if you can call a $100 fill-up “nice” ” to just turn on the tap and let the fuel flow. But no. If you want a real fill-up at a $50-a-pop station, you have to start all over with another swipe of the card, which pretty much does away with pay-at-the-pump convenience.

We’re fully aware that this complaint gives the fuel-sipper brigade another chance to lord it over those of us with gas guzzlers.

But for those of us with old trucks and no money in the budget for different wheels ” especially a set that’ll still pull a small trailer when called upon to do so ” the pump limits are a hassle.

And, often as not, stations with now-artificially-low limits are losing that next $50 to a station a little farther down the road.

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