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Editorial: Local officials above the law?

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

“People should slow down, but not me,” a county commissioner says.

“We’ve got to keep bears out of our trash,” says a Vail town councilman, “but my Dumpster gets to stay open all day.”

Seems some local elected “leaders” aren’t particularly inclined to follow their own rules. These may not be moral failings on an Abramoffian level, but come on. If you are Councilman Farrow Hitt and you help pass a law that forces everyone to buy more expensive trash cans and makes it a petty offense not to keep them inside when it’s not trash day, you should also obey the rule.

“This is a step in the right direction for a better life for bears,” Hitt said at the council meeting last September when the law was approved. “It’s not a perfect world for bears. … There’s always going to be some struggle. Our intent is to minimize it.”

But Farrow kept his Dumpster lid open for a while. No maulings were reported.

Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi says he was caught going 86 in a 75-mph zone on I-70. He has been pushing for lower speed limits and says he wants to make the valley a safe place for kids.

Well, it’s goofy for Menconi to get a speeding ticket, especially when there’s a recall campaign against him; especially because, last month, he said the speed limit on Highway 6 between Edwards and Eagle should drop from 55 to 45.

It’s hard for voters to believe their so-called leaders are trying to protect them when they don’t follow the rules they’ve claimed to have been passionate about writing.

And even worse, why should we follow the laws if their own authors don’t?

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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