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Editorial: Look out for Eagle Co.’s littlest

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Now that all the snow has melted, toddlers who have been cooped up inside all winter are back on the valley’s playgrounds.

But also back on the playground are some bigger kids ” notably lacrosse players ” who are not quite as gentle with the equipment.

There were complaints last summer, especially at Edwards’ Freedom Park, that lacrosse players were drifting over from the playing fields onto the playground and not being very considerate playmates. The older kids are welcome, but not if they go on a rampage, as was seen late last Saturday afternoon, when a trio of lacrosse players romped around, running the risk of breaking equipment and injuring the littler kids who were too small to be seen.

The valley’s local and visiting lacrosse players should not be vilified for the bad behavior of a small group of their teammates. And the teens seen acting out of control last Saturday in Edwards probably didn’t mean to hurt anyone or break anything. But, being four times the size of the next biggest kid on the slides and swings, physics did not favor the toddlers in a collision.

The lacrosse coaches should understand a few overly rambunctious may be giving their teams a bad reputation and may even wear out their welcome on the playing fields. For the good of their teams and local toddlers, the coaches need to exert a little more control over their players and tell them not to use the playground if the teens can’t be considerate.

After all, the lacrosse teams get full run of the playing fields for entire weekends. The little kids deserve free and safe reign over the playground

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