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Editorial: Looking toward 2008 in Eagle Co.

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

On this quiet January 1 morning, it’s impossible not to have our minds as much in the past as we do in the present and future. This is just one of those days when it makes sense to think about ourselves ” a mote of dust in a vast universe, trying to make sense of the tiny corner of existence we’ve been allotted. Some can take that as a glass half-full, but those who make the most of their corner of the community know it’s not the size that counts but how we comport ourselves with the others sharing the same space.

In our relatively happy little valley, 2007 was a pretty good year economically. We had the great early-season snow at the end of 2006 that propelled us into a strong ski season. It seemed like most of the various events, festivals, concerts and others goings-on went off without any major hitches, and we finished out the year on more sound financial footing than most of the rest of the country. Hopefully, that will carry forward into this New Year, and it seems the bounty of snow we’ve received in the past month will help ensure that.

We also had a good year for forward thinking on many matters of concern to us here in Eagle County. Some steps are being taken at various levels to address our contribution ” and vulnerability to ” the effects of climate change. We’re seeing more and more commercial and residential construction being built with energy-efficient features, while local governments are taking a closer look at their own fleets, buildings and practices to reduce that nasty old carbon footprint. Hoping for more of that in 2008.

Another area of awakening was in the realm of affordable housing. The problem and talk of solutions have been on the table for years, and while some progress has been made, 2008 looks like a year in which real action will take place on the county and town levels.

There’s a lot more going on; we mention those two because we believe they best represent the kind of visionary leadership that’s going to serve us well in the next year ” and for many years to come. It’s the kind of thinking that can be extended to many areas, and a constant reminder that “business as usual” doesn’t cut it in a dynamic county in an ever-changing world.

We can take that lesson as individuals, and ask ourselves how we’re going to be different this year ” even if it’s just one small thing that helps move us forward.

” Alex Miller for the Editorial Board

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