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Editorial: Mixed signals in Minturn

Matt Zalaznick
Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

There seem to be mixed signals coming out of Minturn.

Two residents are trying to collect enough signatures to put the private ski

resort the Ginn Development Company wants to build on Battle Mountain on a ballot. This is a good sign that residents who want a bigger role in town affairs are taking action.

We see nothing wrong with the massive golf-and-ski project going to a vote

if the required number of residents decide that having their opinions filtered through the town council members they elected isn’t sufficient.

Despite the public relations effort that portrays Ginn as only a benevolent source of tax revenues and bike paths, Minturn residents will have to deal some significant impacts if the resort is built, and they should have a direct role in the final decision if they want it.

On the other hand, if there is a true groundswell of opposition to the Ginn project, how come only two residents are challenging three incumbents for town council seats this spring? If there is a silent majority of residents who may support the project but don’t like the way the current council has handled the review process, how come no residents have stepped up to run for mayor? That race that will be contested by the incumbent and a sitting councilwoman who already had plenty of influence of the proposal.

The council earlier this winter ” after many public hearings ” voted to annex into Minturn most of the land on which the resort will be built. And because the land on which Ginn intends to build is private, stopping any development there is unlikely whether the mountain is part of Minturn, Red Cliff or Eagle County.

With the current proposal, there are many more decisions to be made, and council members will have the biggest influence on the resort no matter how many public hearings or question-and-answer sessions they hold. We expected that the group that supposedly influence this project would have sought some of that power.

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