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Editorial: ‘Nudgegate’ needles Cheney

Matt Zalaznick
Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Nothing is too trivial or too silly that our vice president won’t try to

keep it a secret. The latest on Dick Cheney’s list of things Americans must not know about ” between the goings-on with his secret energy task force or what’s in the man-sized safes in his office ” is what exactly happened between him and a citizen in Beaver Creek in the summer of 2006, an incident we’ll call “Nudgegate.”

A Front Range man, Stephen Howards, was arrested after a confrontation with

the vice president, who was shaking hands and chatting with Americans who had the decency not to mention the war. Howards expressed his disgust with our actions in Iraq, and the force of his expression ” whether it was physical or just verbally strident, just one man exercising his freedom of speech around a public servant ” is now the subject of a lawsuit. Howards contends he was wrongfully arrested.

Cheney’s aides and bodyguards, according to Howards’ lawyer, are telling different

stories about how much contact was made with the vice president in Nudgegate.

The aides and bodyguards have been questioned in the lawsuit, but the vice president doesn’t want the videos of these depositions released for fear, according to the Associated Press, that they would end up on You Tube.

It’s ironic the vice president, who claims to be defending America’s way of life against evil-doers in Iraq and elsewhere, would fear this most egalitarian and Democratic of Web sites. It’s ironic that he claims to be protecting us from chemical weapons and other foreign perils, but believes his office is too august to slum with us citizens and

tell us his version of “Nudgegate.”

Because the whole thing would probably be kind of funny ” Cheney might even come out looking good ” if the vice president didn’t insist on making everything so creepy.

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