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Editorial: Rumors don’t help bond debate

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

There already are enough reasons to question the Eagle County Schools Board’s handling of bond issue funds without throwing in unfounded rumors about the future of Red Canyon High School.

The board will have to decide whether to answer the calls to make the new Battle Mountain High School’s athletic fields suitable for games. We can debate whether a turf field is needed, or a responsible way to manage a limited amount of funds, but planning to host football and soccer games at the old Battle Mountain High School doesn’t make sense, frankly.

Regardless of what the district decides, the board still plans to break ground on a new Red Canyon High School this fall, with the intent of having it open and ready for the alternative high school’s students by January. In the meantime, the considerably smaller student body ” when compared to the other two public high schools ” will manage fine at the neighboring Colorado Mountain College campus in Edwards, which in itself is a step up from the crowded trailer Red Canyon High used to inhabit.

Suggesting that Red Canyon’s fate is tied directly to the Battle Mountain’s athletic field questions is misleading and counterproductive. It, inadvertently or not, pits the two schools against each other. The real issue here is taxpayer and parent expectations, and whether the school district is meeting them.

After bonds were sold at a more profitable rate, the school district announced they would build a new Red Canyon High School. The school board still is expected to deliver on this one.

The school district also promised taxpayers a new and better Battle Mountain High School. But building a new school that can’t even accommodate everything the old school did isn’t acceptable. Parents should spend their energy convincing the school board to agree.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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