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Editorial: Selling a truck? Good luck!

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

As you’ve surely noticed, the price of gasoline has passed $4 per gallon at several local stations. Besides being a pain in the wallet, gas prices have made this a bad time to sell a truck or a big SUV.

That’s true for both automakers and the good customers of the Vail Daily’s photo classified pages. It’s gotten downright expensive to drive big, truck-based vehicles these days, and there are a lot on the market. And you might as well throw the so-called “blue book” out the window, because if you do get your rig sold, no one’s going to pay what the valuation people say it’s worth.

The bad news is that most of us are stuck with our trucks, either because of payments or the fact that they’re worth little in a trade. The good news is that gas may finally be expensive enough to change Americans’ vehicle-buying habits.

Let’s face it, folks: If you bought a big SUV in the last several years and use it for kid-hauling and little else, you passed up a chance to spend less money on a more useful, more efficient vehicle that would do the same job. It’s called a minivan, and, while a Dodge Grand Caravan isn’t nearly as rugged as a Durango, it’s a better bet for a family.

And, just so you know, members of the editorial board own several SUVs, so we’re feeling the pinch, too.

The market seems to be responding to high gas prices. While sales of all cars are off, two of Detroit’s unsung success stories this year are the new Ford Focus and new Chevy Malibu, reasonably-sized, fuel-efficient sedans.

But there’s no silver lining to high gas prices for businesses that operate fleets of heavy trucks, pickups and vans. Those folks are being squeezed, hard, and the prices we pay for just about everything are going up as a result.

Who thought we’d miss the days of $3 gas?

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