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Editorial: Students can use the support

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

No one understands what a teen is going through better than another teen. Even more so, a teen who once struggled to learn English can offer a lot of insight to the peer who now is struggling to learn English.

The Hispanic Mentors program at Battle Mountain High School has the potential to do a lot of good for students who need help by pairing successful Hispanic students with Hispanic students who are struggling.

Math teacher Trevor Warburton started the program after noticing that a lot of Hispanic students were not getting the support they needed to stay in and succeed in school. The new program has already prompted a lot of student-to-student collaboration, with mentors meeting with students regularly, and mentors recruiting Anglo students to provide their expertise on subjects.

The program even gets parents involved in the school ” that seemingly most difficult of tasks. It hasn’t been a groundswell yet, but more than 20 parents showed up for the last meeting, which was conducted in Spanish to inform them of things like graduate requirements and college options.

It’s probably too early to tell how what kind of difference the Hispanic Mentors can have on a students’ grades in schools.

But giving them that extra support ” and the accountability that comes with it ” keeps them invested in school and aware of the opportunities that come with that investment.

Spreading this program to other schools in valley can help keep some of our most vulnerable students from falling through the cracks.

” Tamara Miler for the Editorial Board

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