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Editorial: Sunday liquor sales a good thing

Scott N. Miller
Vail Daily editorial board
Vail, CO Colorado

One of the state’s oldest “blue laws” ” a common name for laws that try to enforce morality on the masses ” looks like it’s headed into the history books.

The Colorado Legislature recently approved a law that will allow liquor stores to stay open on Sundays. The bill is currently sitting on Gov. Bill Ritter’s desk. As newcomers to the state learn the hard way every day, current law bans the sale of everything but low-strength beer on Sundays.

The state’s liquor stores, the vast majority of which are mom-and-pop operations, have for years fought changes to the existing law, in large part to assure themselves of at least one day off every week. Things changed this year, when a bill was introduced that would allow the sale of liquor, wine and full-strength beer at supermarkets, which would include Super Wal-Mart stores.

Faced with the prospect of the state creating one-stop shops, the moms and pops picked the lesser of two evils and sponsored their own bill to allow Sunday sales.

We feel for the small store operators. They’re going to have to either hire help, spend more time at their stores, or stay closed on Sundays, which will cost them sales.

But the end result will be good for consumers. Virtually everyone who moves to, or even visits, our state is baffled by laws that allow customers to drink in bars, or buy low-strength beer, but not buy a bottle of wine for Sunday dinner.

A strong argument could be made that there’s never been a good reason for blue laws, except for priggish enforcement of morality. Losing one more of those laws will be a positive step forward.

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