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Editorial: Sweet deal for a Vail pass

Matt Zalaznick
Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

The price of Vail Resorts new Epic ski pass is, well … epic.

Forget whether the $579 price tag will lure yet more skiers from New York, Dallas and Los Angeles, as the ski company hopes. Forget whether ski industry experts are calling it a marketing masterstroke ” which one did. The big deal about the Epic Pass here in the valley is that locals will save a few hundred dollars on their ski passes next season.

Something’s actually getting cheaper around here! And the thing that’s getting cheaper isn’t something obscure, like the garbage bill. The thing that will cost substantially less is the sport that brought and keeps many of us here.

And what’s just as epic as the price is the end of the pass restrictions that have long infuriated locals who’ve found themselves barred from the mountains during the holidays. Many people want to ski during school holidays and other days off and Vail Resorts has dropped the ropes that had for many seasons restrained them.

Vail Resorts deserves some serious kudos for saving locals some serious cash. That few hundreds dollars can be put toward a down payment, mortgages, groceries, gas and other necessities with which some locals struggle.

Perhaps Vail Resorts, from its dominant position, will inspire others to give locals a break. Maybe gas stations could sell an Epic Pass that gives locals discounts. Or maybe Realtors could band together and offer an American Dream Pass that gives locals breaks on downpayments.

Perhaps we’re dreaming, but at least we’ll be dreaming with a little more

money in our pockets ” while skiing on Christmas.

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