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Editorial: Tests that matter to Eagle Co. students

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Colorado high schools should be allowed to dump the Colorado Student Assessment Program, known as CSAP, in favor of a test that actually matters to students.

High-schoolers are in favor of it. More importantly, so are educators, who are the first to acknowledge that the CSAP means very little to students when the test results will in no way affect their future.

The ACT, however, has a significant impact on a high-schooler. Most college-bound students must take the test, and their score can determine whether they can get into the university of their choice ” or any university at all. High school juniors already are required to take the ACT, so it would make sense to have all freshman and sophomores ” who now must take the CSAP ” take the PLAN, a preparation test for the ACT.

It also would make sense to use the PLAN test results to evaluate how our local high schools are performing academically.

It seems unfair in a day and age where test scores can so significantly affect a school’s reputation ” not mention, its status with state and federal education officials ” that high schools are judged by a test that many students don’t take seriously.

Further, it does little good for teachers to use that test as tool for measuring a student’s success ” as well as the teacher’s ability to teach ” when the test results hardly show the student’s best effort.

Even those students who don’t have their eyes on college are rewarded for good ACT test scores by being allowed to leave campus for lunch as seniors.

Giving students a test that matters to them ” and still tells education officials what they need to know ” just makes sense.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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