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Editorial: Tickled by history

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

The amount of money and high poll numbers tallied by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama says as much about the mood of American voters as it does about their campaigns.

Hillary and Obama are solid Democrats ” liberal on most social issues, willing to be tough but not reckless on defense, fiscally in the middle of the road ” but neither is exactly radical; neither, for instance, has promised to defend a homosexual’s right to marry or start a Manhattan Project on alternative energy.

Neither is Michael Moore, in other words. But they’re inspring Michael Moore-type distress in the Republican hardcore.

Hillary and Obama are hardly running away with the race. But Republicans in a recent poll chose “none of the above” over any of their party’s candidates, including the full-of-hot-air non-candidate Fred Thompson.

After six years of the Bush Administration’s spite for common man, Americans are discouraged, demoralized, down on Uncle Sam ” even nationally depressed. Hillary and Obama may be titillating a few voters with the idea of making a little history.

After a president who starts a disastrous war, ignores New Orleans when it’s in ruins and keeps everything else secret, some voters want to say they voted for the first woman president or the first black president ” or the first woman president and black vice president (or vice versa, depending on the polls).

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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