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Editorial: Vail Valley wants to vent

Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Thank you, thank you, Eagle County.

We do want to complain about the stop sign at the end of the street. We do want you know we think the speed limit’s too high in Edwards.

When it comes to dangerous intersections and annoying road signs, Eagle County is certainly serving the citizens with its traffic survey. The county wants us to tell them what we don’t like about our daily drives on its roads.

That means we can vent about certain traffic lights, cars going too slow or too fast, and roads that are too dark, and the county promises to look into it. To give your opinion, visit http://www.eaglecounty.us and select the Traffic Control Device Survey link.

For more information, call the county’s Engineering Department at 970-328-3560.

Complaints about Interstate 70 or U.S. Highway 6 won’t achieve much. The feds and the state are in charge of those roads, so the county can’t really do much without their permission, which can take a while to get. And any suggestions about roads in incorporated towns ” Vail, Avon, Eagle ” can only be forwarded to those town halls.

But the county is acting on the local complaints. Due to the comments it has received, the county is studying traffic speeds on Squaw Creek Road and evaluating the usefulness of some stop signs in Singletree and Homestead.

Sounds like Edwards is speaking out.

Sure, surveys can be dull and tedious, but wouldn’t it be a shame if you missed your chance to complain about ” and maybe even get the county to fix ” those potholes that drive you crazy every morning on the way to work?

The county has been accused lately of making decisions without listening to its citizens. Well, they can’t be accused of that in this case, so let them know what you think about the state of the roads you drive everyday.

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