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Editorial: Vail’s first resident moves on

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Dick Hauserman was the first true resident of Vail. One of the original investors, he helped build what became America’s top ski resort and community and in recent years wrote about our pioneers with an authority that no one else could match.

He’s also one of the nicest, warmest people you could hope to meet. Maybe the last of the genuinely good guys, the epitome of the Greatest Generation that Brokaw wrote so eloquently about.

Now he and his wife, Bobba, have sold their home in the valley, cut their permanent ties and will live year-round at sea level. The altitude gets tough with age. And Hauserman, now a young 91, finally must make some concession to nature.

The community will miss them. Hauserman certainly has been well known in Vail since the beginning, and has many friends among the longtime locals. But he also made friends easily with visitors and so many of the newcomers, too. And there have been quite a lot of newcomers over the past two decades, enough to triple the population of our fair valley.

Primarily through his book, but also with that genial personality, Hauserman has linked old and new, bridged the past and the future of this remarkable community.

We get caught up in the moment, certainly. But Hauserman, friend to the Fords and first-time tourists, offers a perspective that’s largely lacking today.

Even today he still shows that bold Vail pioneering spirit that has carried him through an eventful life. He’s taken up sketching and painting in the past couple of years, and it turns out he’s good at it. Talk to him about his art, and his eyes will light up ” just as they do when he thinks about that masterpiece, Vail, which bears his touch.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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