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Editorial: Warnings for Eagle Co. drivers

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

The cold weather and snow of recent days brought a rash of accidents in some of the valley’s better-known slick spots.

The morning of Jan. 18, an eastbound pickup bashed a guardrail just west of Wilmore Lake near Edwards. The resulting traffic tie-up added 20 minutes to downvalley residents’ morning commute.

Longtime residents know the slick spots: Dowd Junction, the bridges just west of Wilmore Lake and a handful of others.

Most of the time, we’re willing to let local drivers take their lumps for arrogance in the face of bad road conditions. But for those who don’t know, or forget about, our valley’s most accident-prone spots, it would be nice if the Colorado Department of Transportation put up a few reminder signs.

There’s already a host of warning signs dotting the interstates, with warnings about everything from wildlife to high wind to steep mountain grades for truckers. Some even have solar-powered flashing lights.

It should be fairly easy to add a few more “roads may be icy” signs to the already-impressive inventory of local warnings and advisories.

“Bridges may be icy” signs would be appropriate for longer spans along I-70. But we might have to invent one or two new signs for local highways. Maybe an automated sign in Dowd Junction near West Vail could display a warning that includes an ark on rainy days. But that’s a list for another day.

The bottom line is no sign will ever slow down the nincompoops who believe four-wheel-drive is a magic potion that allows up-to-the-posted-limit driving in all conditions. But well-known icy spots and other hazards can trip up even those drivers paying attention. A few reminders in the right spots might spare some of us from a big bill from a towing service or repair shop, and could save us all some time and trouble on icy mornings.

” Scott Miller for the Editorial Board

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