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Editorial: Wisdom in Wolcott

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

The valley floor of Wolcott is exactly where the county should grow.

The ranching family that owns a lot of the land along Interstate 70 has reached a deal with a local developer, Rick Hermes. While Hermes hasn’t released all the details of his plan, he says he envisions building a community with homes in all price ranges along with shops ” but no big box stores.

This is great news for current and future workers who want to make the county their home. Despite the real estate slump ” which has hit Eagle County ” homes aren’t getting significantly cheaper. And the so-called sub-prime mortgage crisis has only ratcheted up the difficulty of buying a house in Eagle County as it has made it harder for people to get loans.

The open fields may be a nice visual break from the growing towns of Edwards and Eagle as one drives along the freeway, and many of us may have moved here to get away from never-ending suburbs.

But most us of also cherish our high quality of life, even if paying the mortgage or the rent ” or the grocery or electric bill ” is a strain. The thriving resorts at the top of the valley are the backbone of our quality of life, and they will suffer if there isn’t a supply of competent workers who decide to call the valley home because they can afford to own a home.

Considering the valley is surrounded by vast open space, we can afford to give up a little ranchland alongside the freeway to keep our economy strong.

But whether sacrificing the ranchland turns out to be a wise move, depends on the developer and the county coming up with a sensible development for Wolcott.

How to create a livable community so close to I-70 is one of many questions we look forward to seeing addressed as the plan takes shape.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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