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For the past eight months, Colorado-based EduKate has sold totes and iPhone cases, donating partial profits to Guatemala nonprofit Starfish One-by-One. This program affords indigenous girls the opportunity to go to school. It is shown that educated girls break the cycle of poverty. To date, EduKate has sponsored more than 200 girls. EduKate is expanding its reach. Proceeds will now also support girls’ education in Tanzania and Cambodia through AfricAid and Lotus Outreach, both of which empower girls and provide scholarships. By expanding the scope of its outreach, EduKate will spread its message of women’s empowerment and the power of education across the globe. EduKate products are cute, but also a symbol of women’s empowerment. The EduKate team says, “Buy to give.” When you purchase an EduKate product, you get a new accessory and you help to empower and educate girls around the world. To learn more, visit

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