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Edwards bookstore picks its favorites of 2010

Besse Lynch
Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
"The Museum of Thieves," by Lian Tanner

Just like their older counterparts, young bibliophiles are downright passionate about some books. And thinking of your own childhood favorites, that makes sense. Long after you finished a magical story, certain characters or plots remain in the recesses of your mind. Maybe it’s mad Max from “Where the Wild Things Are,” or the idea of scoring a golden ticket from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

For 13-year-old Anna Skelton, this year a certain mystery “rocked her world.” Skelton, an Eagle Valley Charter Academy student, adores the written word.

“I like how when I read a book it feels like how I go into a different world,” Skelton said. “It’s an escape. And I can live someone else’s life, and go through what they’re going through.”

Skelton, an Edwards resident, is the editor of her student newspaper, reads around five books a week and is one of the Bookworm’s official student book reviewers. You can read her likes and dislikes on http://www.bookwormofedwards.com. This year she helped The Bookworm of Edwards staff chose the best books for youngsters, contributing her own mini review of that mystery she loved so much (read on to find out which one).

This is the second installment of The Bookworm’s list of favorite books of 2010. To read the first story, which included 13 of the year’s must-curl-up-and-read books, visit http://www.vaildaily.com.

– Caramie Schnell, High Life Editor


“The Museum of Thieves,” by Lian Tanner

“I will be the first to admit that this book rocked my world, and I don’t say that lightly,” Skelton said. “With a mind-boggling plot and well-described scenery, the fantastic story of Goldie Roth and her escape from her conservative town will grab you and not let go. In a museum full of dead ends and moving rooms, Goldie must find a way to both survive and protect the museum from what it can’t see coming.”

“The Quiet Book,” by Deborah Underwood

We have yet to meet a kid, parent, or teacher who does not love this book. “The Quiet Book” explores all the different quiets that can fill a child’s days from morning to night with illustrations that are as much fun for grown-ups as kids. Our favorites are top of the rollercoaster quiet, underwater quiet, and trying-not-to-sneeze quiet.

“Moon Rabbit” and “Brown Rabbit in the City,” by Natalie Russell

This delightful picture book series for small children blends charming illustrations with a sweet story of friendship that spans the distance between city and countryside. Little Rabbit and Brown Rabbit learn that they like many of the same things and, even though their lives are very different, they make time to share the things they love together.

“Savvy” and “Scumble,” by Ingrid Law

Ingrid Law’s series for young teens brings to vivid life a family of unforgettable characters in a voice with which any kid can relate. In the Beaumont family, where every member has a magical power or savvy that reveals itself at age 13, adventure and misadventure go hand in hand. Each family member’s savvy is different and sparks a journey of discovery, which leads each kid to find their own way in the world. Kids about to embark on their own journey to greater independence will certainly identify.

“Keeper,” by Kathi Appelt

In her newest novel for young readers, Newbery Honor and National Book Award finalist Kathi Appelt weaves magic into the ordinary fabric of a small Texas bayou neighborhood. Ten-year-old protagonist Keeper believes that the rare occurrence of a blue moon will make life right again and reunite her with her mermaid mother. “Keeper” is unique, colorful and real, a true celebration of loyalty, family and love.

Besse Lynch is the marketing manager of The Bookworm of Edwards. E-mail comments about this story to cschnell@vaildaily.com.

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