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Edwards event explores health benefits of being a chocoholic

Daily staff report
VAIL CO, Cololorado
Special to the DailyWriter Anne Isham visits Edwards Thursday.

The Bookworm of Edwards hosts writer Anne Isham Thursday night for an event featuring “Eat (More) Chocolate, Lose Weight (Anyway)” and a tasting using recipes from the book. Dynamic, motivational and wise, Isham is always a hit whether extolling the many benefits of fine chocolate, dispensing her wit, wisdom and well-informed insights on chocolate, or regaling her audience with hilarious tales of her sometimes harrowing adventures in the pursuit of fine chocolate.

“Eat (More) Chocolate, Lose Weight (Anyway)” details facts about chocolate as well as Isham’s philosophical take on its use as a healthful food and as both the means of and the reason for celebration. New in this edition are several health conscious recipes such as Date Fudge, Chocolate Bottom Pumpkin Custard, and yummy-nutritious Chocolate Gingerbread People; and an entirely new section: Chocolate for Children.

The newly expanded and revised book details healthy weight control that allows for chocolate indulgence. Isham is obviously devoted to the point of obsession to chocolate, yet she approaches the subject pragmatically and with excellent advice for anyone, whether chocolate devotee or not, interested in healthy good looks and youthful longevity.

“If you eat like a farm hand and live like a Chinese Empress, you can’t expect to look like Scarlett Johansson,” Isham said.

The third child in a family of 11 children, Isham was raised in Texas, and lives there still with her husband. Her views on life and chocolate were shaped, in part, by experiences growing up in a riotous sibling circus. However, a genetic propensity for chocolate consumption, passed down by both grandmothers, primarily accounts for Isham’s chococentric worldview.

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