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Edwards group eyes formal designation

Chris Outcalt
Edwards, CO Colorado

EDWARDS, Colorado ” The Greater Edwards Task Force could legally become the Edwards Community Authority Wednesday ” a change that’s been in the works for a while, said Ken Marchetti.

Marchetti ” who facilities the informal task force comprised of representatives from Edwards-area metro districts ” said the change has been a long time coming, but shouldn’t have much affect on the business conducted by the group.

“I don’t think it changes anything, it just formalizes what we’ve been doing for a couple years,” Marchetti said. “We’ve been functioning as a group even though we haven’t done all of the technicalities to get it fully implemented.”

The task force includes representatives from the Edwards, Berry Creek, Arrowhead, Lake Creek and Cordillera metro districts. The group meets monthly to discuss traffic, and meet with officials from the county and other municipalities.

On Wednesday, the task force will review what Marchetti hopes is a final version of the agreement to form the community authority. The formal designation could help the group negotiate with other boards and municipalities, Marchetti said.

“I think it’s as much for the ability to deal with other people like Eagle County,” Marchetti said. “They’ve recognized the group as if there are a formal group, but I think it really just solidifies it as a legitimate group.”

Edwards is an unincorporated area, meaning it is run by Eagle County and does not have its own services or municipal government.

The group originally formed to work toward getting roundabouts at the Interstate 70 interchange.

If the agreement is approved Wednesday task force, it would still need approval from each individual metro district before it’s final.

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