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Edwards is looking for a logo

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Vail, CO Colorado

EDWARDS, Colorado – The new roundabouts at Edwards may do a little more than help traffic flow. The project might help define the community.

Edwards isn’t a town as such, but the five tax-collecting metropolitan districts that represent local residents are organized into the Edwards Community Authority. That group is sponsoring a logo contest for signs on the main roundabout in the area. The winning design signs will be installed next spring along with roundabout landscaping.

The winner and two runners-up won’t get much beyond some public recognition and some gift certificates. But one Edwards Community Authority member said she hopes the signs will provide some identity for an area made up mostly of separate neighborhoods.

“We wanted some sort of logo,” authority member Heather McInerny said. “But we thought people should be able to weigh in on it, so we started this contest.”

The contest is open to any Edwards resident, and if the winning logo is a hit, McInerny said the winning design might end up being used elsewhere, such as signs at community events. The contest is open to any Edwards resident, and so far has just been publicized with some newspaper ads.

“We’ve had some responses already, and a lot of questions,” McInerny said. “It’s pretty exciting.”

Beyond community identity, McInerny said the signs will also be a way to recognize the Edwards community’s involvement in getting the roundabout project done.

The $12 million project is being paid for with federal American Reinvestment and Recovery Act money, mainly because the design was literally sitting on a shelf, needing only money for the work to start.

That design was ready because the community authority – made up of the Berry Creek, Arrowhead, Cordillera, Lake Creek and Edwards metro districts – matched the county’s contributions for the design work.

So what kind of design is the authority looking for? Something that represents the area, of course. But it probably shouldn’t be too colorful or complicated. Sign printing is pretty expensive.

“Simple is probably better,” McInerny said. “But this is a way for the whole community to be involved in something.”

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