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Edwards’ Philinda Gallery saying goodbye

HL Philinda Gallery 1 DT 12-31-10

EDWARDS, Colorado – Ya gotta have art, and Phil and Linda Waldbaum always will, but they won’t have Philinda Gallery much longer.

They’re liquidating everything and closing the gallery. They have grandchildren to chase.

“The art world has been a true passion but with a daughter and family having moved to Bali, our son living in Prague, and another daughter and family in Denver we need more freedom to move around the world. But it’s not easy to say good bye,” Linda said.

They’ll still live here, but with all those rainbows to ride they need more freedom than running a day-to-day business allows.

Don’t be mistaken; their business is doing just fine.

Philinda has been with us for 15 years. Now they’re liquidating everything. They’re shooting to close by the end of January. Linda and Phil will live up here for the foreseeable future.

“We plan to keep going through January. The best part is that the artists have given us a low bottom line. We don’t add our same percentage and so the prices are incredible, and include tables and pedestals, etc.,” Linda said.

They’re in Edwards Plaza, the same center as Fiesta’s and next to Alpine Bank.

They got into the business by accident. Phil worked in financial securities for 32 years, and they had collected art for many years.

They were looking for something to do after they moved to the valley full time, so they combined their passion with their profession and opened Philinda Gallery.

Business basics don’t change because you’re selling art instead of T-shirts.

“If you have a quality product and treat people well, you’ll do well,” Phil said.

They’re a diverse kind of art gallery. There’s a large selection of wood and bronze sculpture. Lots of paintings cover a wide spectrum.

“Buyers have diversified tastes and they’re all looking for something different,” Phil said. “Our paintings run to extremes; Abstracts, impressionistic, all sort of styles.”

Tim Howe’s paintings are featured prominently. So are Kirt Stirnweis’ landscapes and Native American art, all in extreme detail.

“Not many can do that,” Phil said.

Renee Buller is a tremendous young artist with a bright future.

“She’s only 24 years old. We’ll be hearing about her for a long, long time,” Phil said.

Michael Bryan is a California artist and for the last few years has been painting most of his work on brushed aluminum. It’s been treated with a brush and he paints over that.

“We developed a real passion for the art business. You meet the most interesting people doing this,” Phil said. “We have dealt with many successful people who have homes here, people from the tops of their industries.”

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