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Edwards resident publishes inspirational book

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado

Edwards resident Carol Deckard has been inspired by mountains, and hiking on them, for some 25 years – as long as she’s lived in Eagle County. But it wasn’t until recently that she put pen to paper about what the mountains mean to her. In late April she published a gift book, her first, called “Mountains of Inspiration.” The book pairs Deckard’s inspirational words with well-known Colorado photographer John Fielder’s photos. Deckard, 54, partnered with Old Gypsum Printer to make her longtime dream of becoming an author come true.

The book, which Deckard says is “nice to give as a gift to show appreciation to those who have helped you to climb mountains – a teacher, parent, mentor or friend, or encourage someone who has come to a crossroad, such as a graduate,” is for sale at the Bookworm of Edwards for $19.95. Twenty percent of the proceeds will benefit Roundup River Ranch. Deckard will take part in the Bookworm’s local author event, which is slated for June 3. In the meantime she took the time to answer a few questions for the Vail Daily.

1. VD: What do you find in nature that you don’t find elsewhere?

CD: My thoughts begin to quiet with each step I take into the wilderness. I stop thinking about emails and texting and the items on my to-do list. I simply enjoy the quiet surroundings and her astounding beauty – wildflowers and streams along the trail, the stillness of a tarn nestled below jagged peaks or snow-capped mountains touching the horizon in every direction. At the end of the day when I take off my muddy hiking boots and stretch my aching muscles, I feel energized and inspired.

2. VD: What inspired you to write the book?

CD: I came to a crossroad and was looking for a way to reinvent my life. I had a strong desire to create a book.

3. VD: Why did John Fielder decide to donate his photos to your book?

CD: I interviewed him for another book I started writing after I became unemployed. The original concept was going to include stories about people who have found their passion and are making a difference. John immediately came to mind and I contacted him to see if he would allow me to share his story. One gray winter’s day, I took one of his beautiful photography books off of my shelf to become reacquainted with his work. As I turned the pages, I was immediately transported into the wilderness. The stunning visual images spoke to my heart and soul and I began writing what came to mind. John agreed to donate some of his photographs. He is a kind and generous person – definitely an inspiration.

4. VD: Why are you donating a portion of the proceeds to Roundup River Ranch?

CD: I survived a life-threatening illness as a child and have fond memories of attending camp. I want to help kids have the same opportunity. I think it’s a wonderful organization that enriches the lives of children and their families. I have had the opportunity to meet many of the staff members and volunteers who are dedicated to the camp’s success and I admire their passion and positive energy.

5. VD: Do you climb mountains?

CD: I have hiked to many of the places mentioned in the “Vail Hiker.” I enjoy day hikes – climbing to a pristine lake or mountain top and then heading home before dark.

6. Vail Daily: Did you always want to be an author?

Carol Deckard: I’ve had the desire for the past 15 years or so. I was hiking a lot at the time and started writing a story about a marmot who lives on Notch Mountain. I became very busy with my career and never developed it. I’d like to finish it.

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