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Edwards superdelegate amped

Daily file photoEdwards resident Debbie Marquez will cast her vote for Sen. Barack Obama as a "superdelegate" at the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week.

VAIL, Colorado ” There are meetings and speeches to attend. There are parties and breakfasts scheduled. Oh, and blogs to write, if she can find any free time.

“I won’t even sit down,” Debbie Marquez said.

Then there’s the most important thing on Marquez’s to-do list next week: cast her vote for Sen. Barack Obama as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

Marquez, an Edwards resident, is a “superdelegate” at the Denver convention, which runs from Monday through Thursday.

On Friday, Marquez ” an owner of Fiesta’s in Edwards ” was heading down to Denver for the convention, aiming to squeeze in some last-minute shopping.

“I’m so excited,” she said.

Months ago, Marquez pledged her vote to presumptive nominee Obama after her original candidate of choice, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, dropped out. As she was supporting Obama, the Illinois senator battled Hillary Clinton in a hotly contested primary. The Clintons ” both Hillary and Bill ” called Marquez to try to sway her vote.

But Marquez stuck with Obama, impressed by his stance on the war in Iraq as well as his support of tuition credits for college students.

Now she’s ready to be part of a nomination that she considers historic in several ways.

It’s historic, for one, because the party is nominating a black man, said Marquez, who is vice chair of the Hispanic caucus for the Western Region. And then there’s the historic change Marquez expects from Obama.

“Everybody is really eager for change, to move the country forward in a way that can restore our Constitution and all that it represents,” she said.

Marquez will cast her vote for Obama on Wednesday evening, when the roll call will take place at the Pepsi Center. Obama will make an acceptance speech Thursday at Invesco Field.

And what will she be thinking when she casts that vote? That there’s much more to be done to get this man elected, she said.

“We’ve got to fan out from Mile High Stadium throughout the state and all over Eagle County,” she said. “We’ve got to get the message out. We’ve got to engage voters. People need to meet with their neighbors and express to them how important this election is and why Obama and (U.S. Senate candidate Mark) Udall and (U.S. House candidate Jared) Polis, all these candidates, are the ones that will make the change this country needs.”

Marquez added that she’s especially excited that the convention will be in her home state.

“It’s a really neat feeling,” she said.

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Check out Debbie Marquez’s blogging from the convention at greenchiledems.soapblox.net.

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