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Election tale of two towns

Don Rogers

Minturn made good choices Tuesday. The voters got themselves some serious girl power in Kelly Brinkerhoff and Shelley Bellm. They also returned town elder Bill Burnett, who has to have the best sense of humor in the entire valley. And incumbent Mayor “Hawkeye” Flaherty by three votes over Councilman George Brodin, who is careful to explain he and the mayor share the same views.If a misdemeanor charge sticks against Flaherty, the council should quickly appoint Brodin, who came within a whisker of being the citizens’ choice.Congrats also to Minturn’s voters, who turned out in relative mass for an election of immense importance to them. Ginnturn looms, after all. While in this corner we remain unrepentant opposers of the grand plan to turn Battle Mountain into a gated ski resort “community,” we have to recognize that the developer’s people are working to solve problems such as wildlife migration, traffic and the cost-of-living pressures such a project will no doubt have on “old” Minturn. We’re impressed, actually.We’re not so impressed with Eagle’s voters, however. A paltry 159 of nearly 2,500 registered voters bothered with their town council election on Tuesday. And the town has big challenges, too.In a word, the turnout was frankly pathetic. When it comes to civic-minded community, there’s no there … there.Wow.Vail, Colorado

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