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Electronic DJ performs at Samana Lounge in Vail Friday

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail Daily

VAIL, Colorado – Gramatik, a.k.a. Denis Jasarevic, who plays in Vail Friday night, says he learned to love music at an early age.

His parents had him take piano lessons in second grade and he’s been enamored ever since. Gramatik, who hails from Portoroz, Slovenia, will perform at Samana Lounge in Vail Friday night. Like many electronic artists, his style is hard to classify but he says it includes “all electronic music genres that evolved from funk, soul, blues and jazz.”

Gramatik recently finished a tour with rising stars Pretty Lights and took some time to talk to us about that experience, as well as what attendees can expect from his show.

Vail Daily: How (and when) did you get your start in the industry?

Gramatik: I released my first track ever on a Denver-based label in June 2008. I found the label through MySpace, and the song was an electro-house track, which ended up at No. 24 on the electro house top 100 on beatport.com and things just started picking up from there.

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VD: How do you differ from the other DJs out there?

G: Well I’m a producer first, a live-act performer second and a DJ third, so I might differ in some approaches to how I execute my performances, but the thing that stands out the most is probably the genres I mix in a single set. I can start off with instrumental hip-hop and gradually progress to ending up with banging electro-house, all done with smooth transitions between genres.

VD: What is most fun about your sets?

G: I love playing a lot of different stuff. I’m having the most fun when I’m playing for a crowd that is not limited in their musical perception, not focused on only one genre, but can get down to whatever as long as it’s grooovy and jumpy. So in my sets you can find stuff like instrumental hip-hop, breakbeat, nu-disco, tech-house, electro house, etc.

VD: You say good music is not heard, it’s felt. What do you mean by that?

G: Well it’s a poetic expression. It’s obvious we ingest music with ears but when it comes to incredible songs, you sometimes feel them first and only later start actually listening to them, how are they made, what are they

about, etc. If that makes any sense to you, it’s hard to explain but for example a song like “Sex Machine” by James Brown just moves me every time I hear it without even paying attention to it, you just feel it in your body and the song never gets old.

VD: What is it about chopping up old funk, soul, blues and jazz tracks that appeals to you?

G: Making something new is what appeals to me … taking several different tracks, from completely different genres even, and taking small pieces from each of them to make a completely new track. That’s one of the best feelings in music production to me.

VD: Where did you get the name Gramatik?

G: It came from my fixation with proper grammar. I was always correcting my friends in both my native language and English, and not just them but myself as well. Whenever I don’t know for sure how to spell a word I immediately have to go Google it up and that goes for all five languages that I speak. So the bad grammar in my artist name is there on purpose to make it ironic.

VD: You’ve been touring with Pretty Lights, who are becoming pretty well known. How did that go?

G: We’ve just finished our mutual tour and it has been awesome, probably the best two weeks of my life. The nine shows we did together were all sold out and the crowds were super-hyped at every single venue, so we really had a blast.

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