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Eliminate clutter to add value to your life

Kathy Filgo


Real estate brokers tout it as one of the major reasons a home doesn’t sell quickly, while business experts cite is as the cause of stress and lower production in the workplace. And then there are the feng shui experts. According to them, clutter impedes the flow of good energy and adversely affects your health, wealth and happiness. Messiness has a direct affect on our lives and it’s one area that has complete consensus from experts: We’ll feel better and function better when we don’t have so much stuff getting in our way.

“Clutter is so symbolic of what is going on in our lives,” says feng shui practitioner and healer Bonnie Sprague. “Clear it out; it impedes the flow throughout your space, your life, and the ease of your pathway to joy, peace and abundance.”

Whether you are a believer in feng shui (the ancient Chinese art of design and placement), or you lean more toward the design mainstream (interiors by Martha Stewart), East and West have a definite collaboration on the issue of messiness – clutter is not a good thing.

According to Denise Linn, feng shui specialist and author, “eliminate the clutter” is one of the first things many feng shui practitioners will tell a client who is looking for immediate results. Linn considers this act of organization one of the fastest ways to completely change your life; it carrys the power to improve your health, enhance your level of abundance, and improve your relationships.

This is not such an esoteric concept. Numerous business experts have researched and proven that organization and neatness are methods that help you stay less stressed, better focused, maintain better control, and become more productive.

What is clutter? Feng shui folk may present it in terms such as, “the accumulation of things that impede the flow of energy in your home and workplace.” To those less enlightened it might be expressed as, “it’s junk that gets in the way.”

Linn cites the following as some of the effects that clutter has on our lives:

-You feel disorganized

-It takes longer to perform every task

-It limits your time because of the time it takes to “take care” of all your possessions.

-It can be depressing

-It perpetuates a chaotic existence

-It elicits a sense of weight physically and emotionally and can even manifest as excess body weight.

-It keeps you emotionally bound up with the past and the future so you cannot stay in the present.

Plus, experts on both sides of the Pacific from all areas of expertise are in accord with the expense, both physically and financially, of clutter:

-You waste time and energy looking for lost items.

-You waste money buying things that you never use.

-You buy duplicates because you can’t find the originals.

-It costs money, time and energy to maintain and store clutter.

When it comes to methods of clearing clutter from your life the feng shui point of view may include eliminating messiness as part of a spiritual experience, one of releasing fear and opening the way to receive wonderful gifts and allowing the chi (energy) to flow freely. It can include meditating over items to determine what stays and what goes.

Organizational experts would contend that if you haven’t used the item within the last 12 months it’s time to consider getting rid of it. It could include going room by room and putting everything into three piles: one pile of things you will keep; one pile of things going to Goodwill; one pile of things going to the dump.

If you’re looking for good “flow” in your life or just a more neat and tidy home, east definitely meets west on the intrinsic value of eliminating clutter – you’re clearing the way for better things. A good barometer? Use it, love it or get rid of it!

Vail, Colorado

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