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Ellie Manzi

Its a common story in an extraordinary community. Ellie Manzi, REALTOR with Slifer Smith & Frampton, Bridge Street office, came to the Vail Valley on a one-year ski sabbatical and stayed for 34 years and counting. She originally was headed for Aspen, but over breakfast on an outdoor patio in Vail Village the ambiance and the people were so captivating she simply couldnt leave. It turned out to be the omelette that changed the future for this local.A New York City native, Manzi found common elements between the Big Apple and the worlds finest ski resort. There is so much to do culturally, and the outdoor activities are endless. This is a sophisticated, multi-cultural, international community with very multifaceted lifestyles, she explains.She taught school for five years in NYC and taught during her first 16 seasons in the Vail Valley. Her new classroom, however, was on the slopes as a ski instructor. Licensed as a Colorado real estate agent in 1975, Manzi taught skiing and sold real estate, embarking on a dual career for a number of years. In 1988, she became a fulltime REALTOR and continued the teaching process. My main job, first and foremost, is to educate customers. I dont look at this as selling. Im teaching people about the Vail Valley marketplace and helping them make informed decisions.

Manzi has seen the valley change and evolve over the years.Weve grown and changed so dramatically as a community. I remember when you had to drive to Glenwood Springs to a real grocery store or drive over Loveland Pass to get to Denver. Look at us now. She also sees the evolution and change in the real estate market. Vacationers are purchasing second homes. Second-home owners are coming to live fulltime. Computers, fax machines, all of the modern technology, make communication possible and business people freer to move and live anywhere. Plus, we have a busy regional airport that makes air travel very easy to access.

Manzi also observes a change in how Vail is viewed. Vail is no longer just a wintertime ski resort. We are a year-round destination. Summers are spectacular and there is rafting, fly-fishing, hiking, hut trips, biking, kayaking, and golfing. The contemporary family has changed too. Baby boomers are retiring earlier and living more active, healthy lives than previous generations. They are choosing to live in more active oriented communities like Vail. It becomes a family tradition kids learn to ski, then they grow up and have children of their own who start skiing. This becomes a home that people of all ages enjoy together. Family life is key to why people want to be here.

When is the best time to buy and begin to create a family tradition of your own? Its a healthy market now and I see it continuing for years to come. We are in a full-time, year-round, stable market. Real estate is a viable piece of a financial portfolio; an investment in yourself; something you can fully enjoy now. Real estate is like an art collection that hangs on the wall and is enjoyed every day. And you can always sell whatever you buy and move on to another property.Real estate is a wonderful investment to enjoy and a remarkable legacy to leave. Property is a magnet. I have so many customers who say, Now that we own a place here we come back much more often than we ever thought we would. My job is sharing knowledge on ways they can make this happen. Im a consultant that makes suggestions that may not have been thought about before. I can help streamline the process and find something that is suitable to everyones personal lifestyle.There is so much possibility here and so many options to explore for getting started in the real estate market. There is a rich selection of interesting options offered here; fractional ownership; downvalley is desirable and often has more affordable choices; short-term rentals can generate supplemental income on property; 1031 exchanges may be applicable. We need to be open-minded and utilize a futuristic way of thinking.

The market is speaking strongly and powerfully into the future. Its happening before our eyes. There is a billion dollar renewal going on in Vail Village and Lionshead alone that will extend for years to come. Were in one of the most exciting real estate markets in the country and Im honored and proud to be a part of it.Manzi is an educator at heart whether teaching in the Literacy Project, a program that trains immigrants to pass citizenship exams, or teaching people how to find their perfect real estate situation. Vail Valley is a captivating community that provides many real estate opportunities. It is a most incredible place to live and enjoy life. Its about people and friendships and connecting. I think of real estate as a way to make your money come alive.

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