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Eminem bridges social gaps

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Editor’s Note: Seth Chipman is a sophomore at Battle Mountain high school. This week he takes a look at the music that defines various youth cultures in the valley.The entertainment appeal to today’s youth varies tremendously across the planet, and young adults of Eagle County are no exception.All sorts of people from just as many backgrounds walk through the doors of a local high school every weekday morning, and their musical interests parallel their diversity. There is a relatively mellow group of people, typically choosing modern forms of classic rock or jam-bands such as the Dave Matthews Band and Phish. And John Mayer’s music is also mellow, full of love songs and appreciated typically by the more preppy crowd.Then, of course, there is a gothic-oriented genre that will stick with the often Nirvana-derived punk/grunge rock style represented by System of a Down and pop/skater/punk artist Avril Lavigne.The country-style rancher folks will often listen to bluegrass or country music, such as the Del McCoury band. Or for those on the fence between rancher and townie there is Shania Twain, who brings out a catchy more common pop rendition of this country music with her once again rising popularity.But one of the largest music genres of modern youth across the country and much of the world is the comparatively new hip-hop category. Above all others, hip-hop has the ability to transcend racial and age boundaries within the high-school population. Just about everybody enjoys listening to 50 Cent or Eminem.Former pop-singer Christina Aguilera, whose style has recently switched into the hip-hop group, provides a talented female counterpart and increases this scene’s multi-gender audience. Sublime is best described as a combination of the beginning, mellow group and Hip-Hop, often acoustic but still with a prominent beat and occasional rap. The final and newest group, with a smaller following, prefers the dj-mixed Techno beat, well represented by Paul Oakenfold.List:1. Phish Round Room2. Dave Matthews Band Busted Stuff3. Christina Aguilera Stripped4. System of a Down Toxicity5. 50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin’6. Avril Lavigne Let Go7. Eminem The Eminem Show8. Shania Twain Up9. John Mayer Any Given Thursday10. Sublime Sublime11. Paul Oakenfold Bunkka12. Del McCoury Band Del and the Boys

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