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Employee apartments hit by vandals in Beaver Creek

Dustin Racioppi
Beaver Creek, CO Colorado

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” A flurry of vandalism at The Tarnes apartment complex has caused the Sheriff’s Office to increase its patrols of the area and forced management to warn residents to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

The Sheriff’s Office has received four calls in two weeks about vandalism at the complex, said spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly.

The Sheriff’s Office has no leads on the recent mischief except for the clues left behind ” which resemble more of the concrete art in a city than the clean look of the Vail Valley.

Much of the vandalism is black graffiti, and more specifically, taggings of the gang Latin Kings symbol, a sprinkling of expletives and “305,” which property manager Jonathan Katz said is an area code in South Florida.

Several residents hail from that area, he said, though he’s not implicating them in the crimes.

The most recent taggings, on March 13, were head scratchers and may show the person or people causing the damage are nothing more than spray-happy teenagers. The sheriff’s report said they saw taggings that read, “F— Latino Kings,” “Black Power,” and “White Power.”

“It’s rare. This kind of stuff is new to us,” Katz said, unsure of who the culprit may be, though he’s hesitant to believe it’s a resident. “I either think it’s some gangster wannabe or somebody watching too much ‘Gangland.’ That’s what we’re kind of hoping for.”

Aside from the graffiti, the vandal or vandals also caused damage to different areas of the apartment complex. An apartment door was kicked in, a hole was kicked in next to a pay phone and several vending machines were spray painted.

The damage to the vending machines was estimated to cost a couple hundred dollars and a representative for the vending company, Alpine Vending and Video, told deputies that it was the second time its machines were hit. A manager for the Avon-based company was not available Wednesday afternoon for comment.

Katz said he and complex management believe that since the mischief happens around midnight, it’s an outsider who’s causing the trouble. The Tarnes is employee housing for Beaver Creek resort employees.

“Once the ski season is over, the majority of the people who live there vacate,” Cordingly said. “We’ll continue patrols if there’s still a need. By then, hopefully we’ll have the person who’s doing it or it will have stopped.”

Katz said in terms of supplies and manpower, the vandalism has cost about $1,000. With only three maintenance employees dividing time among the Tarnes’ four buildings and three buildings at RiverEdge, which Katz also manages, the crimes are taking away from work the maintenance crew could be doing for residents.

“We really try to keep the rental rates low over here and it’s just one more thing, with the economy, one more thing we’re seeing in the valley and the maintenance guys could be doing other work,” Katz said. “It’s really unfortunate.”

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