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Employee housing up for grabs

Christine Ina Casillas
NWS Sherwood Meadows 11-14 MK

Ten of 11 condominiums owned by the town of Avon will be on the market next week. They will first be offered to town employees and will then be open to the local community.

“If our employees don’t want it, then it goes to the locals,” said Larry Brooks, Avon town manager.

The Sherwood Meadows condominium units at 371 Nottingham Road are going on the market to help improve the town’s financial position, Brooks said. The units range from one- to three-bedroom homes. The two and three bedroom condos include a garage.

“We want to get rid of our long-term debt,” Brooks said, “and strengthen our financial position.”

The objective for the town is to get out of the debt it is paying for the units, said Jacquie Halburnt, public information officer for Avon. The town bought the units to bring more workers to town.

A number of years ago, the town would hire workers from around the world. But housing for those employees was near to impossible to find in the valley because of a tight market.

The bus system was thriving because many of the workers used buses as their main source for transportation. But then when the winter season ended, many of the employees went back home.

Avon bought the units because it wanted to keep their employees in the same town and used the units for employee housing with a variety of housing packages.

“This is going to be a good deal,” Brooks said.

Now, housing – rentals or ownership – has become more accessible for people moving and working in the valley.

“It’s not such a tight structure trying to find employees anymore,” Brooks said. “And there are a lot more affordable units without the town having to provide that housing. There’s a number of vacancies, and it’s easier to come to the area, looking for part-time jobs.”

And finding employees to fill position left by seasonal workers has shifted. More people are moving to the area year-round, some in search of full-time jobs instead of part-time season positions.

“We don’t have to depend on the Australian workers anymore,” Brooks said. “The community has matured and we have a stable full-based community with full-time employees.”

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