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Encouraged by young people like Battle Mountain High School letter writer

Kay Capsersen
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is indeed great to see young people like Connor Tedstrom expressing his views on Obama, and very interesting to read Fletcher MacNeill’s response to it.

Connor sites specifics in Obama’s plan of raising taxes and how it is likely to affect the middle and working classes through spending decreases and job losses. Connor correctly recognizes how it will negatively affect the tourism we rely on in the valley.

Mr. MacNeil sites radical e-mails sent out against Obama that had nothing, it seems, to do with why Connor didn’t support Obama. And, Mr. MacNeill, the fact is that Obama did work for ACORN.

Has Mr. MacNeill really listened to what Obama has been saying? Does he realize that Obama voted for that Wall Street bailout? Does he know that Obama is in support of the bailout of the auto industry?

Republican socialism? Does Mr. MacNeill know that the current mortgage crisis was brought about by the relaxed lending practices of the Clinton administration?

I wonder what Mr. MacNeill’s grandfather would have thought about “spreading the wealth.”

I’m sorry that Mr. MacNeill will have to cut down on his “single malts.” I guess we all have our crosses to bear.

Connor Tedstrom is a wonderful example of an intelligent, well-spoken, informed young man. And, I am encouraged by his willingness to express his opinion.

Kay Capsersen


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