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End a gimmick

Referring to Oct. 1st’s Vail Daily, the front page story of the new hotels’ expansion of the old VVI and the Holiday Inn, plus the hotels that are going in to the new redevelopment of Lionshead, these are going to create a lot of opportunities and jobs within the county, particularly within Vail residents. So I, without sounding like I’m prejudiced, which I am not, but I hope the people, presidents and CEOs and general managers of these expansions of these hotels that are going in are not going to hire a quota of J1 visa holders to fulfill the job vacancies. I think we really need to get away from that as a town as a whole, the economic circumstances as of today since 9/11 an x amount of people that are without jobs, I feel that the J1 visa gimmick which was started 20 years ago because of the lack of employees is not the case today, as we stand in the 21st century. It needs to be changed in the core of that. I’ve lived here 38 years, grew up here, so I’ve seen everything. This is not a good way anymore. A lot of the hotels still utilize this concept, but it takes away from a lot of jobs and a lot of young people out there that really don’t understand why they’re not able to get a job, but yet somebody from another country has a job. This is an outdated mode that for the future of Vail with all this redevelopments which are going to create great quantities of jobs, need to be balanced out.

Taking our time

This is Craig from Edwards. I’m calling in regards to the gentleman who had “Too fast and too furious” as his headline in Tipsline. He’s talking about the 55 mph speed limit on Highway 6, and I’m sure that’s the high end of the scale. We’re all legally allowed to do 45 mph in that area if we’re not in that much of a hurry. If he’s in a hurry, perhaps he should start out from home earlier to get to work. Thank you, and when I see you running up behind me, I guess I’ll use my indicator to let you know you can go by me. Thank you, sir.

What were you thinking?

All you little ritzy Vailites that complain about the jake brakes and the interstate noise, were you sitting on your brains or walking on them when you bought a house near the interstate? Did you not think of the noise that it would create eventually? Get a life and quit your whining. Build a sound wall then. Then you won’t have to worry about it. And the ones that drive down Highway 6 at 45 mph when you should be going 30 through Eagle-Vail, take your foot off the gas pedal.

For a beer festival?

The Oktoberfest was a good event, but it was not good if you needed to go to the bathroom. I hope they replace the bonehead that only put two porta potties there, and why not have the public bathrooms open? Why not? Somebody too lazy to clean or is it a cost cutting procedure, not having to worry about paying employees to keep it clean?

Follow Aspen

Regarding the Berry Creek skateboard park, I’ve been a skateboarder for 20 years and I keep seeing people wanting to design a skate park, and it’s going to get out of control, too many chefs in the kitchen. All we need to do is copy what Aspen has done and bring in a professional company to manufacture and install the skateboard park and keep all of the new, wannabe designers out of it and let the pros do it, and we’ll all be happy.

Those stoplights

I’m calling about the westbound I-70 exit to Edwards. How long is it going to take for the county to recalibrate those stoplights. There are 20-25 cars sitting on the exit ramp at the end of the day between 4:30 and 5:30, and the stop light will only allow six or seven cars through, and somebody’s going to get rear-ended and die. Is it going to take a death to take notice of these?

Is he deserving?

I am so relieved to hear that Adam Aron will be receiving his $8 million bonus. However, if the reason for all the cuts are due to Vail Resorts’ poor performance, which has Aron continuously frustrated, then shouldn’t we ask whether he is deserving of an $8 million? For the past several years, despite record numbers, the company keeps delivering poor results and losing money so that employees do not get their raises and bonuses.

Get organized-

In answer to “Giving away country”: Millions of Americans are and have been shouting out about illegal immigrants, but we are not being heard because we don’t send a united message. The Freeloader’s Ride (called in the press the Freedom Ride for Immigrants) is organized by labor, big business and socialist organizations. They fill the media with handcrafted stories outlining how hard it is to be an illegal in our nation. They are organized, get it? If we the majority don’t organize, they the illegal minority will combine with the greedy and anti-American minority to prevail with our Congress. Join with others to send faxes and phone calls; http://www.fairus.org/ is a good place to start. Don’t shout alone Mr. Giving Away Country. Linda

Suck it up

Would everyone please quit whining about CDOT and traffic noise! I have an FYI to all Vail Valley residents: I-70 was here long before any of you or your homes. You decided to live in the valley and build your homes near the interstate – too bad. If the noise is really that intolerable, then move! I know there are numerous excavators and contractors that would love to build you a house where noise would not bother you. The Vail Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we are all very fortunate to get to live here. So, enough of your whining and ridiculous ideas to build a tunnel or remove brake systems from large commercial vehicles. Land is very scarce in this valley and I am sure one could sell their home to someone that is more appreciative.

They work very hard

My name is Amanda Beasley. I am the new head dance team coach at Battle Mountain High School for 2003-04. I would just like to make a comment concerning the girls. A lot of the peers, coaches, teachers and parents do not realize how much these girls work, sweat, get bruises, sweat through tears and work hours and hours a week to perfect what they do. They are considered just as much a part of the high school athletic department as every other team. Just concerning our pep rally that we had today, I think a comment was made by another peer, a coach, of all people, who maybe said something that hurt their feelings. These girls work harder than any other team I have seen in my 18 years of taking dance and teaching dance. I just want to say how proud I am of them, what great, very enthusiastic girls they are, and extremely outgoing. Thank you so much for your time.

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