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Endorsement for school district

Here’s evidence that the public believes the Eagle County School District largely is on track: Not enough people are running for school board seats to even have an election.If the Teacher Achievement Program were so awful, along with the other recent initiatives to improve education, there would be a line of candidates eager to make change. There isn’t. Not even close. Only one person in all the valley who isn’t already on the board has stepped forward.Hate to tell the whiners among the teachers and the moms who let themselves get caught up in the woes of higher standards, but the public rather likes the focus on the merit part of the merit pay system that voters approved a few years ago.TAP has not ruined a highly proficient district. Hardly. Eagle County for way, way too long has been mediocre, in a mediocre state, for education. The district’s history is of chronic underachievement, frankly, not institutional greatness.TAP assuredly has glitches. Holding teachers to higher expectations is not among them, though. The true pros among the faculty and administration will work together to smooth those glitches and see what this system really can do. The others? Well, leave. Incidentally, turnover at the district is about average for the state. It’s too early to see TAP’s effects on student achievement. But having full faculties committed to excellence, rather than easier days, will make a difference.The kids really do come first.Vail, Colorado

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