Energy efficiency evaluation |

Energy efficiency evaluation

Sue Rychel

Energy efficiency is more important now than ever before; in our car, at our companies, and in our homes.As your parents used to say, Were not paying to heat the outside. Inspect your home to identify ways to improve energy efficiency in your residence. Close refrigerator doors and keep outside doors closed. Windows and doors should all be properly sealed. To insure all heating and air-conditioning units are functioning to their ultimate ability and efficiency, make sure all filters are clean and operating properly. Install energy-saving light bulbs. A programmable thermostat is something to consider, or turn down the thermostat when leaving your home or at evening times. For every one degree of temperature reduction you can reduce your heating bill by 1 percent. When you leave a room or your home, turn off the lights.Your local utility company can also be a wonderful source of tips and information. Check out what types of programs and advice they may offer. The U.S. Department of Energy maintains a website loaded with energy-saving tips and information. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Houseful Hints! Sue Rychel, Slifer Smith & Frampton

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