Energy efficiency program in Eagle County now hiring

Employees of the expanded beneficial electrification program will help make homes in Eagle County more energy efficient

The Beneficial Electrification for Eagle County Homes services are free for qualified renters and homeowners, and include a weatherization assistance program and energy upgrades.
Northwest Colorado Council of Governments/Courtesy photo

The Eagle County Board of Commissioners voted to expand the Beneficial Electrification for Eagle County Homes (BEECH) program in June, allocating over a half million dollars for staff and local infrastructure. Now, the county’s program partner, the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments, is hiring seven new staff members to support the program expansion and impact dozens of homes each year.

The BEECH program provides free weatherization assistance and energy upgrades to income-qualified homes in Eagle County, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about six tons per home annually. Capping gas lines outside the home also eliminates health and safety risks from any future gas leaks. 

The program outfits homes with state-of-the-art Air Source Heat Pump heating and cooling systems, all-electric induction ranges, heat pump water heaters and indoor air quality improvements while completing a comprehensive energy audit of the space to identify ways to improve energy efficiency.

The BEECH program has completed 14 beneficial electrification projects at homes in the Dotsero Mobile Home Park since it started in 2020. This June, the county approved additional funding of $428,000 as a down payment for hiring staff and opening a new program operations center in Eagle County, as well as $100,000 in gap funding.

With this support, the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments recently acquired a 4,400-square-foot warehouse space in Gypsum across from the Eagle County Airport to serve as an operations center for the program. The center is designed for quickly staging service vehicles to deliver weatherization and electrification services, and will enable the county to provide services for 50 income-qualified Eagle County households each year, with capacity for program growth.

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The Northwest Colorado Council of Governments is now hiring seven new employees to serve in the various roles required to execute the expansion of the BEECH program in Eagle County. The organization is seeking mission-driven individuals who are motivated to improve the lives of local residents while reducing the environmental impacts of home energy consumption.

Seven positions are currently available:

  • Energy efficiency technicians (four open positions): Performs a variety of tasks to save energy in homes (installs high-efficiency furnaces, storm windows, doors and window replacements, insulation, etc.). Year-round. 4 x 10-hour days. Construction or furnace background preferred. Insurable driving record necessary. $18-26/hour plus benefits. Hiring for all locations, including Gypsum. Travel involved.
  • Warehouse manager (one open position): Responsible for all aspects of materials procurement for the Silverthorne, Gypsum and New Castle offices. Responsibilities include managing an efficient and effective purchasing operation for materials, supplies, equipment, and services, based on established purchasing regulations, policies, and procedures. $23-29/hour plus benefits. Hiring for both Silverthorne and Gypsum offices.
  • Weatherization inspector (one open position): Responsible for performing inspections of crews and subcontractor work. Requires experience in the building trades and prior weatherization experience. $24.88-36.78/hour plus benefits. Hiring at Gypsum office. Travel involved. 
  • Energy auditor (one open position): Responsible for performing energy audits and running the Weatherization Assistant computer program. Requires prior experience in the building trades and prior weatherization experience. $24.88-36.78/hour plus benefits. Hiring at Gypsum office. Travel involved. 

Employees receive benefits, including employer retirement contributions, paid leave and holidays, and several wellness programs and incentives. Employee skills are developed through on-the-job training and apprenticeship in the expanding market for air source heat pumps and other emerging energy-efficiency technologies. Employees become Building Performance Institute certified in skills related to building science to enhance their professional proficiencies and continuing education.

For information on available jobs, visit the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments hiring page or contact Doug Jones at 970-315-1312.

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