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Enjoyed Symposium speaker

Jeannie McGill Scottsdale Ariz. and former Vail resident

I was honored to be in the presence of Ayaan Hirsi Ali last Monday night. I was especially interested in her remarks from the questions asked. She said that the Muslim religion is stuck in the 7th century with their teachings and needs a new leader to take them into the modern world.

She asked how is it that the “religion of peace,” which has one-fifth of the world’s population, produces two-thirds of the world’s violence? “Please become energy independent” was her advice. Immigration should be practical, accepting those who want to contribute to our society and we should secure our borders.

She has become guilty of profiling herself. Her life is in danger and she will not get into a taxi with a Muslim looking taxi driver. She reminded us of what a great system we have in which we can air our differences with words and not weapons. Thank you Vail Symposium for inviting such a fabulous guest speaker to the valley.

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