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Enjoying the view

Joe Rosica

First, a little about myself so you’ll have an idea from whence I come. I am relatively new to the valley, having moved here in July ’04, after living in D.C. since ’90. What brought me here? Actually, a better question might be, “Why did I ever leave Colorado?” I was a Coloradoan for a total of 11 years before I moved east. Originally from Buffalo, I attended CSU (on the extended plan.) I fit in an associate’s degree from CMC before finishing in journalism from CSU in 1989. I always planned to return to Colorado and finally returned last year.

So, as a recent transplant, I’d like to present a few observations. First, I have to say that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t appreciate living here in the mountains. The people are wonderful, the lifestyle is great, and if I am ever feeling down, just taking a minute to enjoy the scenery is enough to re-calibrate myself.

I recently took a sales position with The Vail Trail, which is how I came to be writing this blog. My previous position was with the Gore Range Natural Science School, and if ever there was an organization worthy of our support, this is it. A nonprofit organization that emphasizes natural science education and environmental stewardship, it is comprised of some of the most dedicated, hard-working folks you are likely to meet.

One drawback of working at Gore Range Natural Science School was the location of their offices. Although Red Cliff is a great little town, it was sometimes a hassle for anyone used to having cell phone reception throughout the day. So please forgive me for occasionally taking a call while behind the wheel. I know, I know … talking on a cell phone is a distraction and increases the likelihood of an accident. That’s why I try to keep it to a minimum. But why do some people feel it is their responsibility to play enforcer (of a non-existent law) when they spot someone using a cell phone while driving? I was driving the other day and took a brief call when I heard someone blare his horn behind me. As no one else was around, I was initially confused why anyone would be honking, but it became clear when I saw the animated driver gesturing wildly in my rear-view mirror. I’m not much of a lip-reader, but it was obvious he was displeased with my phone use. Seems to me he was creating at least as much of a distraction as my cell phone.

No worries though, I’ll just enjoy the view.

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Joe Rosica is an advertising sales representative for The Vail Trail. He can be reached at jrosica@vailtrail.com.

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