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Enough dwelling on fault

Don Rogers

Look, Katrina was a big-assed storm that way exceeded anything at the World Trade Center, even Pearl Harbor. The target was not a couple of skyscrapers or even a Navy base. It was an entire region of the country. Katrina did not discriminate. The Big Easy’s luck finally ran out after 300 years.

We have a choice. We can certainly keep blaming a president and governor and mayor for all this woe. That is to say, dwell on Dems and GOPs.

Or we can join the wiser souls who never had much use for the scapegoating and just got straight to figuring out how they can help. Those are our heroes.

Churches are mustering. Community service groups are raising funds and packing trucks. My county government has set up a nice Web site and has been working at coordinating help. It’s all great.

I think America’s history has been a certain slowness to react to any big catastrophe, attack and such. But once we gain our senses and put our heads to work, no one matches us for our response.

That’s how it will be for Katrina. The help that will pour in ” at the appropriate time ” will be incredible.

Oh sure, the feds, state and local governments at some point will empanel commissions and file reports exploring all their systematic failures where they file and quickly forget all that.

I think the region will recover faster than we’re now thinking. I’d like to think rebuilding New Orleans will take into account the odds stacked against the city if most of it remains below sea level, between the Mississippi River and a sizeable lake.

No president, governor or mayor, after all, can truly control where Mother Nature sends her storms in a hurricane zone.

I admire the church groups and the community service organizations, whose members spend very little time on the blame game, favoring the real question: How can I help make things better. Now those are citizens in the highest sense.

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