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Enough is enough with Eagle County logo

Buzz Schleper
Vail, CO, Colorado

What have we done as taxpayers to deserve this wasteful spending by our local government?

It is obvious that our local politicians have not a clue when it comes to business and money. Why would we spend $36,500 to have a Texas company design a logo when we have all the talent to come up with a logo here in Colorado?

Couldn’t this have been an art contest with a $1,000 prize going to whoever came up with the best logo?

This would have saved the taxpayers $35,500.

We continue to hear about the county not having enough money to repair our roads and improve our schools, yet they decide to %^** our tax dollars away on something as ridiculous as a new logo.

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How much more will this cost us taxpayers to replace all existing Eagle County logos with this Gucci new logo? All I can do is shake my head and wonder when we as taxpayers will say enough is enough.

Buzz Schleper

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