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Enrollment up at The Vail Academy

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado – Enrollment is up 8 percent at The Vail Academy as students head back to school today.

The Vail Academy is a kindergarten through eighth grade Christian school in Eagle County.

In April 2010, The Vail Academy students took the Stanford Achievement Test, a standardized achievement test used by school districts for assessing children from kindergarten through high school.

Test scores measured the performance of students at The Vail Academy compared to the performance of students across the nation.

Comparing actual grade levels of students versus the tested grade level of a student, The Vail Academy students scored an average of one to two grade levels higher in science, reading and math and they scored three to seven grade levels higher in areas such as word study skills and language. Results included:

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• First-graders scored at the third-grade level in reading and upper second-grade in mathematics.

• Second-graders scored at the fifth-grade level in reading and upper third-grade in mathematics.

• Third-graders scored at the fifth-grade level in mathematics and sixth-grade in science.

• Fourth-graders scored at the eighth-grade level in reading and seventh-grade in math and science.

• Fifth-graders scored at the upper ninth grade level in reading and upper seventh grade in mathematics.

• Sixth-graders scored at the eighth-grade level in science and seventh-grade in reading.

• Seventh-graders scored at the ninth-grade level in mathematics and 10th grade in science

• Eighth-graders scored at the 10th-grade level in science and surpassed high school grades in reading

For more information on The Vail Academy, visit http://www.thevailacademy.org or call 970-845-0783. You may also become a fan on Facebook and follow the school on Twitter at @thevailacademy.

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